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In bold.

Quote originally posted by Lightning:
sdkfsls so much to talk about. i love you. :D [apologies for the sheer length of this post, lmfao]

I didn't really mind the disjointedness in BBS. But I also zoomed through the game REALLY quick almost every time I played it. (I think my longest playthrough was my level 1 one, which was the 4th or 5th time I played it, and it only took me a few weeks, I think.) I think if you play it quickly, since the worlds are so short, each character finishes their story with enough time for you to remember what they did by the time you get to the same worlds with the next. Also, I know a lot of people who played all three at once, so they'd complete a world and then go do the same world with the other two. Each character's story was certainly more engaging that COM's though, I thought. Sora's plot was always interesting but perhaps because I hate Riku and disliked most of the Organization in the basement, I never ever like playing Riku's side of COM and the first few worlds of it, anyway, are horribly empty. BBS was a step in the right direction when handling extra protagonists, at the very least. I liked that you could choose the order you wanted to play the characters in and none of them felt like an afterthought like Riku always did to me in COM, but I agree that playing the whole story through when it's supposed to be intertwined was kind of awkward. :( At least with COM, aside from Vexen and then the very end, there was pretty much no overlap between Riku and Sora's stories so it didn't really matter if you played Riku's side two years later the day before KH2 came out because you'd been horribly underlevelled when you got to Marluxia in Sora's side and it took that long to beat him so you barely remembered what happened with Sora. Not that I'm speaking from personal experience or anything. Gosh.

I never really stopped myself from disliking BBS's disjointedness, so I think it's my fault that I didn't enjoy it as much as COM. Even though the latter wasn't even as rich in plot during Reverse/Rebirth like you said. Anyway, I found it annoying how much story they could have placed in BBS, COM or even 358/2 Days, and couldn't due to hardware constraints, thus making the game really short and almost empty. I believe there is just so much potential in new settings and characters, and they could have fleshed out the main trio's close friendship to make people care enough when they all fell apart in their respective games. That applies to both BBS and 358/2 Days, since COM didn't have much of a main trio. Don't get me wrong, I'm one of those fans who felt really bad for their sad ends. Anyway, I never tried playing all three at once in a way that I imagine KH3D took it. That's true, you don't really need to play Sora's before Riku's. I wonder why they didn't offer the option to play as Riku from the get-go, except his side does not hold as much juice, plot-wise and gameplay-wise. But yeah, I actually played Reverse/Rebirth almost a year after I finished Sora's story in Re:COM, although I did play both sides in COM almost continuously.

Quote originally posted by Lightning:
What could have been interesting--and I kind of want to sit down all day and think about how the plot would have veered off course if it had happened--is if they'd had the BBS trio go everywhere together. It would have solved too many problems and made them somewhat invincible though, I think, so plot-wise it just wouldn't work. (Ven would never have gotten into trouble on his own, Terra would have had the babysitter he needed, and Aqua would have been able to smack the boys when they started making the problems that she always ended up fixing at the end.) If they'd stuck together, you could've just picked which one you wanted to play as and the others would be handled as party members like Donald or Goofy. That would've been awesome! But... way too overpowering. XD; They were hax enough together in the Mirage Arena or even in the Radiant Garden boss. They also lagged the game too much so I guess another part of it was system restraints. :P I think it was handled fairly well, though, when you consider it's a handheld game.
I can't believe they never did a game like that. For some reason, Nomura's original KH characters always end up being partnered to the Disney characters (358/2 Days was one exception). With the scenario you mentioned, I think that would have been wonderful to play, but truly it would completely change the plot. Terra, Ventus and Aqua were always meant to all disappear from the various worlds before the first game, just like Xion before KHII (that's what happens when you introduce important characters in prequels and midquels) so yeah it would be hard to work around unless you make the villains more formidable. And you're right, if it were at least on the PS2 then it could have been plausible, but for the PSP, no. It would have still been an enjoyable experience, a cakewalk if they didn't change the external difficulty. But yeah, those few moments in the game that had them all together in arms were really cool. I really wonder if Nomura could possibly pull off something that awesome as a central mechanic of the game, of course, without being bothered by the plot.

Quote originally posted by Lightning:
Really, the only thing I liked more about how 3D handled two protagonists at once was that they shared all their commands and pets. The first thing I always have to do in BBS when I play it is do some command board grinding so I get an awesome set of commands early on. And then I have to do it for the other two when I play as them and it takes FOREVER. ;_; But there wasn't any of that in this game. When I found air slide, both of them had air slide. When I got high jump, they shared it. There are some things that are Riku-only or Sora-only (like their payback attacks out of guarding/getting hit and some commands--like Riku uses some attacks with darkness and Sora gets some Ven exclusives) but for the most part, anything you find can be used by both. It made the two of them play almost identically which was a little boring (I actually kind of liked how BBS nearly forced me to abandon magic as Terra because he was SO BAD AT IT and that's all I do in the games, usually [not that it worked too well because I distinctly remember using lots of magic with Terra anyway]).

Oh dear, I got started talking about BBS again. ._.; I love that game too much for my own good.

Interesting, so 3D actually combined Sora and Riku's arsenal into one. I haven't actually thought much about the Dream Eaters/Spirits, I wonder how they actually feel like as partners. Yeah, I remember grinding in command board for Terra, even though I only discovered its use extremely late (after my main Ventus save file got corrupted). It is pretty frustrating, especially when one NPC I fight with for each board always ends up mindlessly sabotaging my efforts. I remember how anticlimactic fighting Ventus and Aqua was in the last huge board shaped like that BBS symbol, I think, because they kept the bad AI they had from the first board, haha. Anyway, I don't think the lack of variation between them will bug me that much, I'll probably be more annoyed if they actually had extremely diverse gameplay styles given the Drop system.

Haha, there really isn't much to hate.

Quote originally posted by Lightning:
Yeah, the expansive worlds are nice but the maps are just too big! One part I mentioned was all the treasure chests--there's sooo many to find and if you don't meticulously check your journal each time you get to a new section of a world to make sure you've gotten all of them, it's SO annoying to go back and try to find what you missed. D: It was easy enough if I did collection while making my way through the plot of each world but I didn't start doing that until more than halfway through the game, really, so I'm still missing chests with Sora. T_T; Also if you go through a big section of a room and then die in a hallway on the way to the next one, you still have to do everything over so that's pretty annoying too. XD;
I'd take that challenge actually. I oddly enjoyed completing the treasure chests indicated in the journal in KHII so I'll probably be obsessive with the exploration here. Unless the plot runs dry as a side effect. But yeah, I would imagine someone like me to not even bother in that situation, not understanding the Japanese names for the items, haha. Now that you mention the possibility of dying in the middle of those huge rooms, the old small segmented rooms will be missed.

Quote originally posted by Lightning:
And yes, the plot-drops were awkward, but I'm pretty sure there were really only two or three of them in the entire game, so I can't reeeeally complain. I wish they'd used them a bit more so the one I mentioned wasn't so abrupt and unexpected, though. Or they could have used them a bit earlier on when I finished Riku's story a world ahead of Sora's and it wouldn't let me progress to the second half of the game until Sora had caught up. x_X; So every time it would drop me back into Riku, I'd have NOTHING to do so I went to collect the treasure chests I'd forgotten about.
Yeah, I wonder if they just discarded the actual Drop gauge and simply strategically placed the plot-drops often enough to not be too abrupt or unexpected. Could that have changed the experience? Oh yeah, you mentioned having nothing to do for a character at times. I thought they had an option to Drop immediately on the player's whim.

Quote originally posted by Lightning:
I pretty much assumed it just because he was standing in Yen Sid's office and I think he said something really open ended that included the word "training"? I can't remember at this point, anymore. I just know that since that first long trailer came out for KH3D last year, I've known Lea would become a Keyblade apprentice. :x His keyblade is nicer than the previous keyblades associated with him. It's not as tacky looking as Bond of Flame and not nearly as lame as the keyblade you get based on his "weapons" in BBS with Ven. XD; It's pretty! But it'll still take lots of getting used to over his chakrams. It'd be cool if he used both in battle, though. (I'm kind of hoping he'll get his own spinoff game to show his training because the chances of other Organization members being the people he meets along the way are pretty high and I would just die of excitement if Marluxia showed up. n____n Axel's popular enough to drive sales for a game so... so hopefully this could be a thing one day?)

I'm not bothered by the amount of keyblades. I mean, they've been hinting at multiples since the first game when Mickey had his own in his brief appearance in the Darkness, right? In fact, Riku and Sora fighting over the one keyblade confuses me so much now because I'm so used to there being multiples. Especially since Sora? Yeah... he can't actually use the Keyblade naturally. Riku can use it because Terra passed it on to him. I think Kairi can use it because Aqua accidentally passed it on to her. No clue how/why Lea gets his (I guess maybe from Roxas or Xion?? Or from getting hit by a keyblade too many times! *shot*). But Sora only has his because Ven is in his heart. I think Xemnas implies at the end of KH3D that they were worried about using Sora as a vessel because he can't use a Keyblade as naturally as Roxas could. Or something like that? All I know is Sora looks confused, then hurt, then decides that even if he can only use the Keyblade because of his ~friends~, that's okay. It's really cheesy. XD;

I see. I didn't understand the dialogue for Japanese trailers, haha, so that explains it. If I had known, then I wouldn't be this shocked. Now that you mention it, Lea's Keyblade does look way better than Frolic Flame and Bond of Flame. And yeah, adapting into a Keyblade from an existing weapon that already requires two hands would be something. Both in battle? An awesome idea! And I'd definitely buy that spinoff game when it's released, I want Larxene and Marluxia, hahaha.

I guess, but I always thought Mickey's made sense because it was simply a palette change from Sora's and it sounded reasonable for the all-powerful Keyblade to have a counterpart in Mickey's hands, Sora being based off the mouse after all. It does seem confusing how Riku and Sora fought over the Keyblade, but I think the specific Ven-like points in Sora during the first game actually gave him enough merits to claim the Keyblade from Riku's hands. I'm not particularly sure if Sora got his because of Ven but you're probably right with Riku and Kairi. Lea, sadly, didn't get the Keyblade from Roxas or Xion if you ask me (although getting hit by a Keyblade too many times being the cause is a funny thought). He probably inherited it from Yen Sid or King Mickey, with Mickey getting his from Yen Sid, too, or from his adventures in the Realm of Darkness. Oh yeah, I'll randomly ask, is BBSv2 a game under development or something? I think they could do a lot of explaining with it judging from the BBSFM clip. Lastly, I spoiled myself enough to know what you were talking about with Xemnas and Sora, but it's honestly pretty depressing to see the main character in that position. At least he's getting some character development there, and I wish they continue this with the next games chronologically.

Quote originally posted by Lightning:
Actually, I'm tossing this out of the spoiler because I'm confused and hoping someone can refresh my memory: why did the Keyblade switch between Riku and Sora in KH1? At the time, it seemed like it was because there could only be one Keyblade at a time so it had to choose between them and it preferred Sora's light over Riku's darkness but... was that really the case? Even if the Keyblade *did* prefer darkness and stopped working for Riku, why would that affect Sora's? The same sort of thing happened with Roxas and Xion but I always assumed that was more because Xion couldn't naturally use the Keyblade. (And now I feel the need to go check on when we first actually *see* her using it. Isn't it not until she picks up Roxas's? Is that when the ability to use it was passed on to her, even if only accidentally?)
I think it had something to do with both of them not having actual Keyblades of their own yet. They simply had the ability to hold the Keyblade in their hands (with Ventus inside Sora and Terra's ceremony performed onto Riku), and the one they kept tossing around which Sora eventually continued using was probably the Realm of Light's main Keyblade (if King Mickey's is the main one from the Realm of Darkness). This probably means that no one actually owns it, it's neither Sora's nor Riku's and has its own entity (and the latter gets his actual own Keyblade later on). Maybe the χ-blade containing two Keyblades that appear just like it wasn't a coincidence. Anyway, during the destruction of Destiny Islands, that specific Keyblade probably went with Sora after sensing danger because Riku's heart was out of reach and Sora's was at least strong enough back then. Or maybe it's something else, I don't know. However, when Sora entered Hollow Bastion, this Keyblade finding an actual Keyblade wielder's heart (Riku went through the inheritance ceremony after all) that acknowledged this fact (it probably was only then that Riku remembered) initially swayed it onto Riku's hands. And then, Sora getting a Ven-like characteristic when he thought of his friends strengthened his heart, (Kairi's and Ven's inside him too) as a Keyblade wielder, enough to nab it back from Riku. It's something I've been thinking hard about, too, and it's a great example of Nomura's own Kudzu Plot.

Quote originally posted by Lightning:
I've studied Japanese since I was 11 and the only words I knew were pretty much related to Yu-Gi-Oh since that was my obsession in my early teen years. Then I studied it in a classroom setting in high school for a few years. Since grade 11 though, the only way I've really kept up with my Japanese is playing import games. I've imported every KH game since KH2:FM (with the exception of Re:Coded... thank god xD) and after playing through them all, even if the FMs are in English, you reeeally start to get a feel for the vocabulary that usually happens. I remember having no problems understanding any of Days (although I never bothered with the journals which, iirc, actually revealed a fair bit of backstory). In BBS, the only thing that confused me was the χ-blade because they were saying "Keyblade" to my ears but all I could make out in the subs were xblade and it would bewilder me so much every time it came up. XD So yeah, overall, most of my Japanese vocabulary is actually tied to KH. I'm finally taking classes again in university starting May so it'll be interesting to see if I'm any good at the language academically, despite being pretty good (imo) at understanding fandom-y things on my own. :x
That's so cool. It must be amazingly helpful to have that background in fandoms like this. I'm still deciding if I'll continue studying Japanese, since I've got more opportunities to than most of my peers. Again, that skill must be pretty handy in keeping up with the franchise, even something as confusing as KH. But yeah, even I got a little confused with the whole χ-blade thing playing in English, so it must be bewildering to encounter it first in Japanese haha. And if you're going to take classes soon then more power to you. You'll probably find it easy with that background.

Quote originally posted by Lightning:
I'm soooo excited for the Ultimania to come out. xD My birthday present from my parents was help paying for my 3DS and KH3D and my brother said he'd get me the Ultimania for it when it came out. So it was a very KH birthday, hahaha. I mostly want it to help with completion because when it comes to some sections of the journal, I am *completely lost* with how to do it. So I've put the game down until then. I'd also really like to read the interviews, too, because I have a lot more questions about this game than I did about most of the others and the interviews in the Ultimanias are usually brilliant for clearing things up. (I also want the 3D one because it's the only one, aside from the one for the original KH, that I don't own.)
I wish I had a KH birthday, haha. And since you mentioned how hard it is to explore and complete it all then the Ultimania will be a great help. I hope the interviews don't just tease on the future of the games, and explain clearly all the confusion they set-up in the recent title. And I am absolutely envious that you'll eventually have every Ultimania bar the original KH.

Quote originally posted by Lightning:
Omg you used Terra against him? You poor, poor thing. ;_; I've had to fight MF with Terra twice and I hated it both times. He's SO BAD AT DODGING which is essentially what you need to be doing 100% of the time in that fight. I'm pretty sure he was a good 10-15 levels higher than Aqua was when I beat MF with her just to offset his bad dodges. XD; As a trade-off, he did a lot more damage since my strategy is usually to just spam a blitz/surge attack (I forget which term is the English one), but ugggh trying to dodge the laser attack or whatever? Almost impossible. Ugh! XD;
I did, actually. And that was my major gripe, his sluggish ground dashes. Even Aqua can do better with her cartwheels, sigh, unbelievable. And the surge attack is the English term, I think, but yeah I remember now that I used plenty of Thunder Surges, Potions (can't remember if I used Potions or Hi-/Mega-ones, and I incorrectly mentioned Curaga) and Renewal Block. I think I also mixed in a Shotlock (Bio Barrage, I think?) but I don't know if that was during my winning run. I know what you're talking about with the instant death laser attack (looks a lot like Collision Magnet) that completely overwhelms both Once More and Second Chance, ugh, when I see MF jumping up and preparing the glowing whip/laser/Collision Magnet I dash away like crazy. I also hate the mini-tornadoes akin to Marluxia in Re:COM that blast away my commands, man that was frustrating. No Name was worth it, at least. It still looks awesome.

Quote originally posted by Lightning:
I think I was talking about Ven's final boss fight, not the extra fight. Curaga's bad for that fight! Every time you heal, he heals... so you have to use potions. :P My LV1 run never really included any secret bosses. I think I might have done VS on my Aqua file but I'm pretty sure MF is literally impossible at LV1 since after he's halfway, he heals every time you get a critical hit in. At LV1, I assume each hit you deal him is normally 1 damage so if he healed every time you crit hit, it would just be impossible to get him all the way down. :( Also the fight would take like three hours, haha. The bosses after MF in Final Mix are pretty ridiculous too so I made a new file with Aqua that wasn't level 1 when I took those on. (I did do all *plot* at LV1, so that extra boss in the World of Darkness with her was still part of my challenge. That was so exhilarating, to fight a boss I'd never fought before at that difficulty. I went back like a year later with a save from my not-level-1 file and the boss just wasn't as fun since it died too quickly. XD;
I see. I found Ven's final boss fight really difficult on my first try, maybe because the buttons and the analog stick weren't at their best shape and I was too busy listening to the final boss's VA. But I got the hang of it. And you're right, MF during a LV1 run would be close to impossible, hahaha. Final Mix bosses, huh. I could imagine how it would be fun to take on them like that (it's already pretty hardcore), but I probably wouldn't beat them without dying a lot of times, lol.

Quote originally posted by Lightning:
I never liked the turn-based system in FFX all that much. It might be because, aside from Pokemon, almost all the games I play are fairly action-based. All the Final Fantasies I like at least have the ATB to make things more dynamic, Kingdom Hearts is as much action as it is role-playing, and Tales of is realtime. Those are all my favourite kinds of RPGs so going back to play FFX just seems... difficult. I do remember enjoying it when I started playing it again last year but my disc is scratched so I couldn't get very far anyway. ;~;
I see. That's too bad, I actually enjoy turn-based battle systems when they're pulled off well, but I guess it really isn't for everyone. I actually like the Tales series because it was so much like the Summon Night: Swordcraft Story games in gameplay, and I have a fair share of fandoms including Kingdom Hearts that I enjoy for being action-based, too. Darn those scratched discs, reminds me of my unplayable Okami disc.

Quote originally posted by Lightning:
The battle system and controls are worth it even if you know the whole plot already. *u* The game itself is so much fun!
Man, I can't wait for more updates. I want more English KH3D now, haha.

Quote originally posted by Archer:
Yeah, I grabbed a few screenshots, I think. Not that many, though. There's a few things that stand out. Large areas, such as the Calm Lands, are clear and crisp to the horizon, not a blurry green mess. Finer details, such as the textures on certain fiends and characters are surprising. Other textures show how bland they are, so you win some you lose some. :P

Even things like a cat in a tent in Besaid. The amount of detail on the face of something you would normally barely be able to make out is brilliant.

I did the same thing with KH2 (I ripped my own discs, before anyone asks). In a way, the simpler "cartoon" textures were better on KH2, because it all scaled so well at that res. Although you can't use any Antialiasing, which is quite evident at higher resolutions. If you have a decent PC, it's strongly recommended. Might try Final Mix at some stage. :P

Quote originally posted by Lightning:
Yeah, when I've emulated N64, I found anything polygon-based looked amazing but things like background/setting textures didn't hold up so well. I probably wouldn't play at too high a resolution to avoid that somewhat, but the rest of the graphics usually make up for it. HUDs are also kind of disappointing sometimes. XD; If text/icons on the battle screen and whatnot are pre-rendered and stored as small images, they usually look horrible blown up and it's always so obvious next to everything else.
We never had powerful hardware capable of emulating consoles like that but I can imagine how awesome that must be. I have watched a few videos of KHII being emulated in the PCSX2 and it looks lovely. It's getting harder to convince myself that graphics aren't everything, hahaha. Also, I have tried emulating N64 but I frankly never really knew the difference graphically. For one thing, I never had my own N64, and my eyes don't pay attention to detail as much as I'd like them to. I do notice odd discrepancies with textures like you guys mentioned, though, more so in comparison videos than when I'm playing.