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Originally Posted by Ho-oh 112 View Post
1. I have successfully made a boulder pushing puzzle WITHOUT SCRIPTING, you just need to read the map x/y of the puzzle and when they are correct an autorun/parrellel process runs the effect.

2. I thought this was already possible (didn't check yet...)

3. I would like to see a universal screen like the i-pad and other things it's 1 screen but you can touch(in this case click) on an object and something will happen(mostly used for Guis....) but using these for pokedex scrolling/battles/pokegear it could be better(in terms of features, I really hate using the D-pad in the hand-held games for typing my name/ other processes that may take a while(1 minutes+) excluding battles though...)
In response to #3

In the latest version of essentials you can change it so you can type the characters name and pokemon nick names. heres a link to me explaining how to do so. Not sure if this is exactly what you mean but it touches base on the Name entry
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