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Another update once I reply to all these posts!
Originally Posted by SwiftSign View Post
Even after reading all these I still have no idea how this game works but the characters look so funny.
Yeah, I don't suppose I went into that part much. Basically you control a team of Pokemon, each with a trainer, one poke each trainer (max of six, so it sticks to that convention). In general you move the Pokemon about the field and have them attack others with the usual Pokemon mechanics applying (so type matchups, some effects e.g. flinching, burn, etc are in too). Pokemon have abilities too that can activate during the battle. Percentages roughly translate to EXP and the max percent a Pokemon can get depends on it and the trainer too. Sorta like a easier fire emblem or final fantasy tactics game I suppose.

And yes, yes they do. =D
Originally Posted by First Snow View Post
I was laughing the whole entire way through. :D This was a good let's play/review... Or what ever you want to call this. XD
Let's play, given I'm not really reviewing it. Glad you enjoy it thus far!
Originally Posted by Nintendork15 View Post
I like this alot, I think it's more funny because you generally have no clue what they are saying.
Yeah, that was partly my thought process too in 'is this a potentially good idea or not'.
Originally Posted by ThatsWhiteBro View Post
This game is one of the reasons they are ruining Pokemon. Cant they bring out anything awesome anymore. The idea of this game is awesome but when i think of it being a Pokemon game it makes me sigh. Your doing good on the LP bro dont get me wrong.

I just had to vent about the game for a bit. Cant Nintendo come up with anything like Pokemon FireRed and that anymore. I mean come on there are a lot of talented hackers on this site that have produced games of way better quality then Nintendo. and yet they dont get paid for there games. Nintendo get a clue.

OK im going to put the fact of this being a pokemon game aside... For a game itself it looks pretty awesome. Keep up the LP bro and good luck with the game.
Hmm, I'll have to disagree there. Firstly because Nintendo only give the go-ahead for the games to be developed, and other companies actually make them. On that note, Game Freak do the main handheld games and other companies do the spinoffs, so if you want to blame someone blame them. =p

Furthermore, I have to say it's an interesting concept that doesn't come out badly, and isn't lacking in the awesome (what's not awesome about samurai warriors with funny hats shouting at each other and waging wars on other countries with creatures that breathe fire and etc? =p). And given the sales of Pokemon games in general I'd say Nintendo have a decent clue. But anyways each to their own. Glad you like the LP at least? =p

Part Five: Engulfing lands and water parks
Or Beating up two nations.


Oh dear, someone left their flag here.

Guys, I want you to get that flag for me! It'll go great in the living room.

See, I even put a hand above it so you can't miss it!


No I didn't mean go like that what are you stupid

Great, the ground eats Pokemon. I don't like your region even if it isn't burning down.

Yay, you teleported! Or something.


Oh good, so this isn't normal. Glad I'm not alone in that thought process.

How crafty, the region not only tries to eat my Pokemon, but it also is giving them shortcuts!



What another flag!?

Why did you make it red red is the colour of bad and uncool.

Oh of course the vines now disappear after the bug gets across.

I'm afraid cheaters get fired.

Shut up it was funny, Mr unfunny hat guy.

No Pimp Jiggly why did you paint the flag I wanted it gray >:[

Tepig clearly lacked in training to only do ten damage on a grass type. =/

What no now the ground is trying to eat Eevee!

Monkeys look funny when they get slapped. =)

Quiet or you're next.

What is with the ground!? Does it want sacrifices or something?

At least even with half my Pokemon being engulfed by the earth they're not doing much damage.

The ground is displeased by their lack of attack power and so attempts to consume Snivy.

No I said Snivy not Charmander, gosh.

Oh hey he got out. I suppose he didn't taste nice.


No not you, even if your hat is not that bad. I do console you though with the whole 'Pokemon eaten by the ground' issue though.

Meanwhile Tepig does something useful!

Why are you making it blue guys

Well that was fun, and it turns out blue matches the carpet nicely too!

Everyone whose Pokemon didn't get eaten wants to join me! I better keep an eye on them though, because they probably just want to steal my flags.

There there, I bet he went to a...well, not better place, but...well, at least you don't need to dig a grave?

See, jokes are funny. =)

It looks like it wants to dance angrily.

Another victory, another Eevee sprite!

Now for a bit of grinding and recruiting!

Bashing up wild Charmander is oddly satisfying when they give looks of pain like that.

You have to admit that is an awful lot of damage there. Yay 4x weaknesses being exploited?

This thing has the power to hit two Pokemon at once. Including fellow wild Pokemon.

In the land of green, I got these two people to join my side.

Her hat is not very interesting but her eyebrows are amusing, I guess?

Hi macho man what is going on here?

Did Timmy fall down a well or something?

Screw Timmy that's his own problem. I want to do something more exciting!

Stop interrupting.

That guy has a funny 'stache and the other guy kept frowning at me so I let him join.

Given this region has water Pokemon trainers I think I have a good chance of winning!!

WOW it's a theme park I love theme parks! I'm going to go there right now!

No I think we took a wrong turn, I wanted theme park not boring button land.

Oh, was I meant to go that way? Cool, thanks, I'll be sure to be more careful next time.

Big whoop, your monkey stepped on a button and made water flow.

What is with your Pokemon and button pushing. I need to pass through here to get to the water park, and this water is not very fun looking!


Calm down

I guess she was surprised because that other guy said some stuff and did nothing on his turn? Eh.



NOW I CAN CROSS wait what

Noooo the fountains are evil!

Weak, but still evil. But seriously how even that fountain hurt monkey? Did it yell an insult at it or something and hurt it spiritually?

Stop pointing I know this is the wrong place gosh

Don't you know it's rude to point!?

Stop giving me bubbles, they're not that fun.



Treecko is good at this.

God this guy looks all sort of smug.

Ooh, someone's upset!

Buy a shirt you hippie

Slightly drowsy grandma in action!

I like those odds.

YES I know it's that way sheesh

You have a nice hat too, whoever you are. =)

And now it's a good old fashioned slaughter.

What is with this country and their buff men with broccoli for hair?

Eevee stop levitating you won't fool the water park people, you're too short for most of the rides!

Someone should teach you MANNERS


I mean friends

What's the matter with you

Look, the water park is CLOSED AT NIGHT. I'm sorry. We can come back tomorrow.

No matter how many times you say 'NINJA' it doesn't make you one.

Unless you're me.

Stop talking I don't understanddddd

What is this your photo album?

Who is this guy and why are they glowing

Oh, did they make fun of your hair or something?


And where did these new countries come from anyways?

I don't understand it either! Let's get answers! After the water park anyways!