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Quote originally posted by godlesplay:
of course, add as much as possible

Thanks godlesplay, because of the positive feedback here and in other forums i will add more.

Quote originally posted by DaleH771:
I'm loving the looks of this hack. The storyline looks good and the events featured in some of the screenshots look promising and require a decent level of scripting!

Only thing I don't really like (isn't much of an issue at all though!) are the Poke Centre/Mart tiles. Is that how they look on B/W as theyre the only ones I didn't play. loving the looks of this however, can't wait for a Beta!

The B/W don't look like that, i'm just experiment palletes in that day.
Oh...and thanks DaleH .

Quote originally posted by qaz015393:
good update. Can't wait to see the 3rd mystery pokemon.

Thanks qaz .

Nothing to show for now, i'm not hacking for a week by now.
I've been sick... so i'm starting the work again by Monday.

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