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I'd join. I don't work or have a job and I probably won't until I move south this summer and so on. Although my uncle is trying to get me a job for parking cars at this Drag Raceway a couple blocks down from me. :X But if I misunderstood this and went off topic with this, please let me know. Sorry if I did!

But my mom tend to have many interesting stories about working at Meijer's. They have a union. She's been working there for 7 years now, as a cashier. I mean literally, once a week she shares something new that happens at work that makes her want to quit lol

So they had new scheduling manager, or however you want to call them. The longer you work at Meijer's the earliest you go in to work right? Well they are moving schedules around and my mom has to work one day a week, 2nd shift. Usually she goes in at around 10-12 in the morning to until 3-5 during the day and comes home. Now one day a week, she goes in at around 2-3PM during the day and gets off 8-10PM. All complicated, but they are hiring at Meijer's right now is the reason for the complicated scheduling. Why? They are suppose to be remodeling, and I guess they hired massive amount of people to work as cashiers. But they only get 14 hours a week? That's because they are hired for after remodeling. Why are they hiring before remodeling? Can't they wait until after or near completion of the remodeling? I don't get it, because they haven't even started yet! Plus, the way the union sounds, I would hate to work there myself. I prefer WalMart any day even though they screwed me over for hiring me. :\

Uhh if I get anymore interesting stories by my mom, I'll be sure to share!

Another is- Fake ill days. My mom always get called in, just like her last job, to replace the sick cashiers. But want to know something? My mom is friends with most of them on Facebook, and when she gets home later that night or the day after, she sees them posting status about "Fun day at Kalahari(Indoor Water Park), Cedar Point(Amusement Park) today was amazing, etc" And they aren't even 10 minutes from Meijers either! My mom gets really irritated that it always happen to her, all the time. But it does seem sickening to see that people call in fake sick to get their vacation days instead, literally, like 3 times a month and my mom has to work in their place everytime. Why not spend your vacation days on the days off?? I don't get people. My mom doesn't even take days off like that for her grand kid's birthday parties!