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Originally Posted by Went View Post

GO GO LIVERPOOL! And then if Bayern could lend us a hand as well I'd be so happy :D
(If Chelsea don't win the CL final, btw, Spain will climb to 1st in the UEFA country rankings. Just putting that out there).
Originally Posted by Razor Leaf View Post


And I'm sure they will. Chelsea managed to get half their team sent off against Barcelona and Bayern are a hands down much better team. I just hope Chelsea don't bring out the bus.


Chelsea definitely have a great team and knowing them, they'll pull out all the stops to make sure their formation will dominate but Liverpool have always had a knack for pulling it out of the bag in the more important games. I'm definitely rooting for Liverpool in this one but I kind of subconsciously told myself that I wouldn't be upset if Chelsea do end up winning. (which means i'll be pissed off and getting drunk.)

We need Suarez to do what he did with Norwich again.