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Originally Posted by Cosmotone8 View Post
As cool as it would be to do a flying, like you all pointed out it would be too easy. But rock would be just as bad. Especially since they are weak to two of the starter types, which people often use till the end of the game. You add fighting and ground in there, and it just makes a mess. Now, if I had to choose one besides flying, I would go with Alex's suggestion of an electric one or I would go with a fighting. Fighting is only weak to flying and psychic, so It could work. There is also a lot of diversity at both of those types.
Like I mentioned every Mono-type trainer is easy to defeat. Even though Fighting is only weak to Flying and Psychic if you have one or two Pokémon with those type of moves, they're easily defeated. It's one of the reasons Cynthia is so difficult to defeat, because she has such a diverse team (Blue too, and Alder but he doesn't count).
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