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Originally Posted by FrostPheonix View Post
Gay-rights activist rips Bible, mocks teens fleeing room

What do you guys think? I was speechless... prior to this I supported the 'It gets better foundation' and was thinking of doing something to help it, now I'm not so sure. What was he thinking?
First, just because Savage is the founder of It Gets Better doesn't mean that everything he does is automatically related to that movement. If you have issues with IGB then you should take issue with it over its own merits or flaws.

I think what he did was polarizing and extreme. Normally when someone does or proposes something so far from the mindset of the status quo it makes them afraid and more willing to accept someone with similar views who is more moderate. I'd say that's a good thing because it helps the idea gain traction, but in this case I don't think it works very well since there really isn't an in between place.

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