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Originally Posted by Bluerang1 View Post
These games need Roserade or Breloom, Skarmory and Vulpix. Then I'll have an awesome team. I doubt we'll have many Hoenn Pokemon, remakes being on the horizon and everything. If we do get those Pokemon, my team will be very Hoenn heavy, including Metagross.

I like all the Pokemon they've shown so far.
Over 40% of Hoenn's Pokemon are in B/W. So far it looks like all the Pokemon from B/W are reappearing in B2W2 so we are going to have some where around 55 Pokemon from Hoenn. (It was 55-60 I think which ended up becoming 40 to 50+%)

The Pokedex could get into the high 200's with just what was found in B/W including in White Forest.

Only ones I've seen so far that I don't remember in B/W were Magnemite, Koffing, and Eevee. Everything else shown was in either Black or White.