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Quote originally posted by FrostPheonix:
Yeah, I suppose I just got a bit angry soz about that, I think I'll still donate or something.
Please, do. Whether you agree with the actions of one member of the organisation or not, the work they do is nothing short of fantastic. And so necessary. I'd honestly liken them to an emergency service in that they are there to save vulnerable young lives.

Quote originally posted by FrostPheonix:
I realize the old testament has parts that are pro slavery, but I think most Christians would agree that the old testament isn't to be taken literally anymore.
Really, really not trying to flame or anything, so please don't misunderstand, but... this is so confusing to me. Are you saying that you'd have been OK with him ripping up half of the Bible? Or just the parts that condone those kinds of practices? Or none of it?

Do most Christians not follow the whole Bible? You've genuinely knocked me for a loop there. I don't understand - how do you pick and choose? Isn't the whole thing the word of God? (It is, right? I just did a quick bit of research and found this: 'the writers claim a supernatural origin for their writings. Nearly 4,000 times, expressions like "Thus says the Lord," "The word of the Lord came unto me," etc., are recorded in the Bible.')

Please, man, you're the expert. Any answers would be thoroughly appreciated.

EDIT: Also... Andy, no offense, mate, but please don't stick me on the members' list just yet. I'm still divided as to whether joining a group of atheists characterised as an alliance is too provocative for a peace-loving soul like myself. (Who are we allied against, exactly? The 'many wonderful Christians who are fine with the gay thing and support gay rights' - well, no, obviously. But if it's the 'equal or greater number of idiots out there who use their religion as a scapegoat for their bigotry', then should we be using atheism to fight them? Shouldn't it be the Enlightenment Alliance, or the Freedom Alliance, or the Rights Alliance? Because if we're fine with their belief then atheism isn't a weapon - and I don't believe it should be seen as such anyway. It's playing into the hands of those who see us as evil, devious Satan-warriors.)

(All, feel free to prod me in the eye and disagree volubly. I'm usually wrong about most things, lol.)

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