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Originally Posted by Monolito View Post
I have to beat the league to get most of the legendaries?

As for beating the league itself - there's a legit exploit. Just take a max level Lapras with you. Give it Sheer Cold. you can also train and take a Frosslass since it has that attack as well. Since this move only has 5 PP take a few Leppa berries with you. I won't use this solution since it might ruin the game and is way too easy. I also think getting Rare Candies in the maze thing is making the game way too easy.

Meh. It's to make it easier to get your Pokemon to levels high enough to do the events later in the story.
Sheer Cold only has 30% Accuracy. Get a Deazone and teach it Death Rip. 70% Acc. 1 Hit KO. That's how I killed those absurdly powerful Ruby Destinies in the final event.