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Daniel nodded a few times at Oscar’s suggestion at finding a teacher to ask about the egg. “I think I saw on my schedule that there’s a breeding expert or something… otherwise, it’d be a good idea to head to the daycare, I think. But yeah, good luck!” he called out as Oscar turned and waved while smiling.

Alexis giggled quietly and bumped her side back against Flora’s playfully. “It was a lot of fun! I hope we can do it again sometime.” At this moment, Flora noticed Oscar moving out the door and scurried after him, waving a leaf at them. Alexis responded by lifting a paw, waving at her. “Bye Flora!”
After they had left, she turned to the others, seeing that Snype had gone over to Thyme, and she decided to leave them be and walked over to Len, sitting down next to him with a smile. “Hey again, Len. So, we’re going on an adventure! Are you excited? What kind of Pokémon do you think we’ll find?”

"Hey Daniel, what supplies do you got on you? You at least got a few potions on you right? It might be pretty rough up there for our pokemon."
Daniel blinked a few times before realizing what he was talking about and nodded, giving the pack he had slung over his shoulder a little pat, which was now resting at his hip. “Yep! I always go out prepared. I’ve got potions, a few antidotes, an awakening or two, some money… uh, you know, just in case. First aid kit and all that.”
He nodded firmly, smiling sheepishly. He sort of felt like a dork for taking so much care of bringing stuff to a trip into the mountains. He deliberately hadn’t mentioned the two Pokéballs he always carried, due to the fact that he wasn’t prepared to catch a Pokémon up there, and probably wasn’t going to any time soon.

“So, uh… do you think we’re ready? I am, and Alexis should be good to go as well. And as you’ve seen, we can handle rock types.” He grinned a little proudly, glancing over to Alexis who were chattering away with Len.
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