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Maxwell Leggingsteele
Academy Grounds

Quillie looked at Rama as the fox looked at him. Their eyes met, and it wasn't much of a surprise that the Zoura turned away after raising an eyebrow. Sure, Quillie saw it coming as well, it didn't strike him as some of shock that fox-boy turned away from him. However, that didn't mean that he wasn't annpyed by the treatment. For a second he thought about dueling Rama to the death in a firey cage made out of the strongest bedrock in an attempt for WORLD DOMINATION!!! Okay, maybe that was a slight overstatement, but you get the idea. But Quillie just decided to not bother with it, mainly for two reasons,

One: Maxwell would be a bit dissapointed if the Quilava didn't behave. And even if he wanted that fox beaten up for his arrogance, he didn't want to do it on the account of Maxwell getting dissapointed.

Two: Rama had backup from Ellie, that Espeon who totally floored Katam. He wouldn't want the same treatment.

So he just swallowed his pride, and remained quiet.

"Yeah, I guess so. I've always been sort of a klutz, I guess it's not impossible for me to have forgotten the money. Still, I'm certain that I put some money in here..." Maxwell said. Well, he never really used his brain and its functions to the fullest anyway. But still, there was this gnawing feeling that he had missed something...

Maxwell took quick steps in the direction of Oak Town, or so he thought. He had never been to the place before, so he was a little unsure about where it was. Maybe he should let Brian or Skye take the lead? If Bri did it, then he could show Sapphire everyt... A devious smile crept upon Maxwell's lips, he had an idea. A wonderful idea, a wonderful terrible idea. Maybe not terrible, but it was at least wonderful.

"Hey Bri, how about you show us the way? I'm a bit iffy when it comes to orientation... Besides, Sapphire would get to see the town much quicker ifshe was walking in front!" Maxwell said cheerfully, this was actually a pretty nice plan after all.
"Me and Skye can go in the back to see if there's anything lurking nearby, right Skye?" before Skye could answer, Maxwell gently grabbed his arm and started to walk slower and slower until they were a few feet behind Brian and Sapphire.
"And now, we watch the plan unfold..." he quietly said, a bit pridefully, to Skye.
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