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asdfjkl I must join had no idea the other one died, bless it.

What is your favourite series made by Square-Enix?
KINGDOM HEARTSSSSSS and Final Fantasy a little I guess

Who is your favourite Kingdom Hearts character?
VENTUS. I have so many feels about Ven asdfjkl he's adorable and naive and adorable and he has no idea what's going on for the majority of BbS BUT HE'S ADORABLE OKAY

What console(s) do you hope Kingdom Hearts III will be on?

Erm...PS3 I guess? I dunno, it'll most likely be on the 360 or the PS3 and I don't have either yet so idk

What two keyblades would you double wield?
Wayward Wind and Lost Memory. why no this has nothing to do with my Ven obsession why do you ask

What would you name the Keyblade of Master Xehanort himself?
Most likely Diablo or something like that. Something really really dark. or perhaps Xanatos Gambit. yay for references nobody will get. -spins-

What new Disney worlds do you hope will be introduced in KH3D?
I already know all the new Disney worlds in KH3D because I am horrible and spoiled myself for it :/

What is your favourite Kingdom Hearts game and why?
BIRTH BY SLEEP BECAUSE VEN it was the first game in the series where I really felt connected to the characters. sorry sora fans but I don't like him all that much. He's sort of...too happy. All of the time.
Except in Dream Drop Distance. ;_____;
And it was heartbreaking and spectacular at the same time.

If you could play as any KH villain (or, in some cases, allies), who would it be?

As far as allies go...erm, does Zack count? 'cause he's awesome and all. Also, obligatory SEPHIROTH. but I wouldn't want to play as Xemnas for reasons. I don't even play as him in Days...for reasons.
OHGOD TERRA ;___________;

and holy crap Lightning that is quite the wall of text 0_0

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