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Dear Anonymous,

You're like my little brother. I love you dearly, and only want the best from you. I try to teach you when you ask for a lesson, I try to hold you when you need support, and I try to make you laugh when you need that extra boost. I can't do that any longer. Nothing sinks in, nothing goes through, and nothing connects. You tell me you need a friend, not a mentor, yet fail to realize friends are the greatest mentors. You say you're the type of guy who learns from another persons mistakes, rather than your own, so that way you will not make the same mistake that person made; that is not a lesson. You say you know exactly what you're doing, or at least what you need to do in order to figure out what you're doing, all on your own, believing that you only need yourself to reach your goal; that is not a support. You push away and focus only on the negative things in life, so you can avoid them, and stay at a false road of happiness; that is not a laugh for an extra boost.
Now you say you don't need my lessons, my support, or my laughs.
What do you need?
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