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Quote originally posted by RealDon:
Ya that would be fine....

Just that it doesn't say its not available on serebii.
It's not released.

Quote originally posted by pokemonranger109:
Mac can i have your shiny eevee i have lots of stuff on my trade thread just look :3
I don't really trade except for 3rd gen RNG'd mons.

Quote originally posted by Sydian:
I'm just gonna tell you right now, but I'm fairly sure Mac isn't gonna want anything you have in your trade thread. He rarely ever picks things from trade threads, and even I find nothing interesting in yours. I honestly think you're better off making a breeding request than asking Mac to look at your thread, sorry. Just cause you have a lot of things doesn't mean he or I will want it. Quality over quantity.
Thanks Syd, you're the best as always. I do prefer BPs, but I won't be doing another Eevee... I've done tons.

Quote originally posted by XanderO:
No Gen 5 Pokemon have Dream World abilities yet. Look up the Dream World areas, Pleasent Forest, Windswept Sky, Rugged Mountain, Sparkling Sea, and Spooky Manor for all the Pokemon that are released.
Thank you for the help, XanderO.