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Sprinkles had had enough. Je didn't have nearly the self control Quillie did, and he was growling angrily as he strode purposefully toward Rama.

"Oh yeah!? Take this!" he said, forming a ring of purple orbs around his bosdy, which fired at Rama. Hidden Power was one of his strongest moves. He glared angrily at Rama, not even noticing that Bouncy had returned.

"No! Don't play with Rama, play with me!" she said, landing nex him him and looking at him expectantly, and was totally ignored. Brian was not even aware of this little fight, as he was walking ahead wth Sapphire.

"Um... I-it's nothing." he said slowly, "Just Bea said something and... Um... Don't worry about it." He continued to walk along, not aware of Sprinkles fighting Rama, or the fact that two of his friends seemed to have dropped back.


Duster giggled as Bea suggested they just try and keep their trainers together.

"Hehehe! You're pretty good at this and..." she said, then paused, frowning when she heard Sprinklesgrowling. She shook her head.

"Can we hold on? I have to go keep Rama from murdering Sprinkles." the minccino said before running off. A match makers work was never done it seemed. she arrived in time to see Bouncy trying to get Sprinkles's attention, and failing.


"Of course I'm bored! When was the last time you saw me do anything other than stand around? Sheesh, I want to do something, maybe go into a contest, or god forbid even battle." the snivy said tartly. She shook her head.

"I can't believe I just said that. Me of all people asking for a battle. Can you believe that? And Brian isn't even around to command me. Hm..." she said. Maybe that was the problem. They had seemed to be growing more distant with each other over the past few days. Brian was changing, and growing up, so it was only natural that he would want to be with his friends more than her, but she was responsible for that too, seeing as how she went off with Snype every chance she got. Maybe when she returned to her trainer she could try and fix things, as she didn't want to lose her best friend and partner. She shook her head and sighed, trying to get these thoughts out of her mind.


Quin seemed to ignore the girl as he went about checking the poochyena. A few slivers here and there, but nothing serious. He didn't even notice Zara's silence for several moments, and the hair on the back of his neck stood on end.

"Alright ghost. Who are you?" the murderous aspect of Quincy said boredly after several minutes, ignoring her question.

"Huh Zara? What was that?" Quin asked as he put the dog on the ground. The poochyena growled fearfully and backed away as Quin shifted his hands and grabbed a pokeball.

"Pooch!" the mut barked.

"Mai, use Spark!" Quin said calmly. Mai rocketed off of his shoulder and collided with thew dog, and Quin hurled the pokeball when the Poochyena got up, sending him inside of it. The ball fell to the floor and began to shake.


Drake smirked. This was too funny. She honestly thought she could win? Well, she probably could, as both Rena and Zeal were at the pokemon center, and he hadn't battled in years. So, he knew he'd be a little rusty.

"That's more like it. I accept. Shall we have a three on three?" the dragon master said boredly.

"And we will need to move, unless you want Killita to blow the roof off in her attempt to get into the air." he added, speaking slowly so she could understand him, a smug and superior grin on his face. But, hidden within that arrogan ce was very real excitement. He wanted to battle, and e was making it pretty clear that his previous actions had been to try and goad her, and he didn't much care if she realized it or not.
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