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Alexis giggled as she was nudged, lifting a paw to give him a playful little shove in return, poking her tounge out at him. “Well, I guess we’ve just got to find out what we can find! And of course I’m excited as well! It’s been a while since we went on a proper adventure, Daniel and I… I don’t blame him or anything, we had to prepare to come here and all, but… I’ve just missed it, you know? Going out somewhere without rhyme or reason, just to explore and… see things.”
She drifted off a little at the end, resting her paws on her belly, staring ahead of herself.

Daniel nodded and smiled widely. “Yep! All good to go… though I have no idea which direction we’re supposed to head in. I mean, I can see the mountains, but… well, I only arrived last night, so… heh.” He lifted a hand to scratch his chin faintly while glancing towards Alexis and Len, a softer, more calm smile playing on his lips. “Yeah… it’s nice to see Alexis befriend others. We didn’t really get to do that back in Vermillion. She needs some friends, I think.”
He paused for a moment, his head tilting a little as they nudged each other playfully.
“… I wonder what they’re talking about.”

He stood still, staring at the two for another while, lost in thought before shaking his head quickly, snapping back to reality. “A-anyway! Let’s head out! If you know where we’re headed, of course… I suppose we could just head for the mountains in a straight line… what Pokémon are you hoping to catch up there? It would be pretty amazing if you could catch a dragon-type.
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