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Quote originally posted by Kenshin5:
Pit was probably chosen because they had the idea in mind for Uprising several years back, and with him in Brawl that would somewhat revive or set the building blocks for Kid Icarus series. If any New Comer was a retro it was ROB. And did Starfox really have anything going for it at the time when they added Wolf? I don't see why him or Dixie not appearing in Brawl lessens the chances. Meta Knight and Dedede didn't appear in Melee but yet they appeared in Brawl.
Between Melee and Brawl...
For the newcomers:
Pokemon Trainer: FR/LG
Wolf: Starfox assault and command
Meta Knight and Dedede: Well, all I can say is that between Melee and Brawl, Kirby games had lots of exposure.
Lucario: Diamond/Pearl were in the work during the time Brawl's roster was selected
Lucas: Mother 3
Wario: Warioware games and Wario Land Shake It! was in the works. (Hence Wario's victory theme.)
Diddy Kong: Aside from various Mario spinoffs, Diddy King Racing, Barrel Blast, and two other spin-offs.
Toon Link: Windwaker and Phantom Hourglass
Olimar: Pikmin 1+2
Ike: Main character of Fire Emblem games that were localized.
R.O.B: Nintendo's root. (Much like Game & Watch)
Pit: Retro (like Ice Climbers), or maybe like you said, Uprising was in mind.

But Dixie and K.Rool? Just two spin-off games. And after Brawl they only appeared in Mario Super Sluggers.

Quote originally posted by CarefulWetPaint:
But saying that I would like to see Spyro added bcause as Kenshin said spyro has a link with Nintendo and he'd be awesomeeeeeeee.
If you want Spyro, might as well get Playstation All-Star Battle Royale, with Spyro being much more of a Sony character than a Nintendo one. (Despite going third party during the PS2) :(


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