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Originally Posted by SwiftSign View Post
Ooh so much activity since I last was here.

Anyway I'm just going to add my two cents about the video - I would rip up a bible to make a point.

Sure it may seem insensitive, but is it really? Destroying a book does no destroy someone's faith, even if the symbolism implies it, it is just a book. If I were to rip up a Harry Potter book in front of an avid fan they would probably be mad, but the majority of people would think they were being silly, no?

And realistically, if the Pope can dictate people to be sinners, say people of certain lifestyles are wrong - which is worse?

Actions speak louder than words. He was just making a point.
I'm reminded of what happened a short while ago in Afghanistan where several damaged copies of the Quran were accidentally burned along with a bunch of other material at an American military base and the resulting anger and protests and terrorist attacks left dozens of people dead.

I'm not saying they were right to attack people over this - they're not - I'm just saying that to destroy someone's religious book is a risky thing and people can and do react thoughtlessly and violently. It's not something I would do publicly just for fear of my safety.

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