Thread: Emerald hack: Pokemon Hyetology
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Quote originally posted by Fireworks:
I'd have said arrogant.
Anyway the tiles don't work well together, since they're n different styles.
The B/W trees are never near the other trees, so you don't actively see the difference in-game. If you mean with the buildings, well, I'm sorry but I don't have enough tileset/palette space to add them on most maps.

Quote originally posted by teejermiester:
Good point.

Something actually about the hack, are we going to learn anything about the region? You mentioned it once or twice, but you don't have a picture or anything that we can reference, nor any town info or gym leader, character, etc. I think that would make this thread a lot better.
I'll update this thread a lot as soon as I have time. I rushed tbh.
Also, yes. I'm adding books Skyrim-style that you can read and learn about events/the region/characters.