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So many long posts. o:

Quote originally posted by Lightning:
Guys, I'm a little disappointed in the first monster name translations from KH3D. :(

Frog Chef -> Chef Kyroo
Ghost Clown -> Jestabocky
Koumori Bat -> Komory Bat
Wondernyan -> Meow Wow
Blazing Lobster -> Char Clobster
Denden Cargot -> Escarglow
Mimi Bunny -> Me Me Bunny
Ganmi Fukurou -> Peepsta Hoo

The English name actually amuse me. Haha, my favourites are Meow Wow and Me Me Bunny.

Quote originally posted by CarefulWetPaint:
Oh I have to join.
Quote originally posted by Sakura Rain:
asdfjkl I must join had no idea the other one died, bless it.
Welcome to the club, CarefulWetPaint and Sakura Rain! Added to first post. :)