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Originally Posted by U_Flame View Post
Deazone huh? Where can I get that one?

Uh, here's the guide I posted on the previous page. Can't be bothered to highlight the Deazone bit, but he's in there...
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Suvir-Play Good Mode
Dohydra-Play Bad Mode
Sprizzle-Play Normal Mode.
For the rest, you have to beat the League.
Giratina/Shaymin-Go to Lost Shadow Valley. The one you get is based on your storyline. If you were Good/Bad, you get Giratina. If you were Good/Bad, but touched all the sprouts/Click the green tile, you get Shaymin.
In Normal Mode, you can pick.
You have to do these ones in order.
Breatherna/Deazone-Speak to April on Breeze Island.
Devihel-Go to Twilight Path, and enter the mine.
Angeallen-Krystal Mountain.
Rayquaza-Return to Mt. Leon.
Chaomega-You get given him after bringing all of the Dragon Gods to him in the Tower of Fate.
----The following ones you can do in any order----
Gabrielleon-Talk to Gabrielleon in Oceanshine City, then go to Dusk Path and climb the waterfall. After this you have to search for him around Hevah.
After you've seen him in all the places, he will return to Dusk Mountain.
Wujifin-Go to the Team Earth Base on Breeze Island and keep going until you reach the submarine dock (The small section with water in it.) Walk onto the yellow square thing.
Ho-Oh- Go to Green Leaf, enter the cave, you'll eventually end up in the place where Ho-Oh is (Ilex Forest, keep going through the forest until you get to the mountain).
Mew- Enter the Dusk Mountain where Gabrielleon is, keep going until you reach the misty room, then turn left. Follow the paths and you'll end up on Destiny Island, where Mew is. Feed it an Oran, Sitrus and Pecha berry and it will challenge you.
Yiyan-Go through Twilight Path's Mineral Cave. Once you exit, smash the rock to your left. Follow through with the events.
Felinar-Talk to Ranger Leana. Go into Vextra Forest and find the Swamp area.

You can buy Shiny Gems at The Tower of Fate. They transform Shaymin, Giratina and Felinar into their alternat forms. It also changes them back.