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Originally Posted by Jobrjo View Post
Well, on this particular challenge, the main reasons are:
-You can't do it normally. Whether or not it affects anything doesn't change the fact that it's cheating.
-I'd like to watch the battle myself.
-While unlikely, you may accidentaly pick a wrong move.
-It's a personal preference.

Anyway, I'll give way to this situation to fly back and forth. It;s just that in most games, there's a PC in the lobby. Wasn't aware this wasn't the case in Gen. I. But only for flying, it cannot be switched in at all.

(P.S. The only reason emulators are allowed at all (though strongly discouraged) is because some of the older games may have died, so that the save battery doesn't work and such. In those cases only I'd allow people to use an emulator that is an exact copy of the official game.)
Understood. I'll refrain from speeding.

Thanks for the Fly rule. Its not that there's not a PC in the lobby, its that there isn't one in all of Pallet Town (you have one in your room but you can only withdraw/deposit items.)