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Jimmy Vincent
Academy Grounds

Jimmy Vincent smiled evilly. He thought Fire Spin would damage the Gastly a little bit, but he didn't expect it to be knocked out after the attack. He knew he made the right choice by catching Biff, because it managed to take down one Pokémon despite his paralysis. He watched as his opponent retrieved the defeated ghost Pokémon and sent out a Charmeleon. It looked tough, but Jimmy was pretty sure that he could handle it. His foe immediately told his Pokémon to use Focus Punch.

"Biff, strike with Fire Spin!" Jimmy commanded, knowing that his maroon Houndour was unable to use any damaging non-fire-type moves.

But what happened next took Jimmy's evil smile away from his face. Sparks appeared around Biff's maroon body, and he was unable to move a muscle. All the pup could do was stay there and watch as his foe charged at him with Focus Punch, and then knocked him out in one hit.

Jimmy retrieved Biff, and glared at his opponent again. He looked behind, at Kaida and Smokey. Both looked like they were willing to fight. He decided to use his most trusted partner, his Koffing, the one he met and saved back when he was a young boy wandering the streets of Saffron.

"Smokey, take charge!" Jimmy said, "Poison Gas!"

Smokey's face acquired a serious and angry expression and blew some purple smoke out of his body, and it headed directly for his Fire-type foe. It things turned out alright for the rebellious-looking kid with ripped clothing, that Charmeleon would get poisoned and give Jimmy an advantage.
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