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Ok another Reign of Legends problem...After I got the 8th badge Articuno is no where to be found in his cave! I need to catch all the legendaries so I can have access to the custom poke you can get if you caught all the legendaries and I cant do that if Articuno suddenly decided to go leave!

EDIT: Ok, this is extremely annoying now. It seems there are a handful of legendary pokemon which flat out dont appear when they are supposed to...


I already checked registeel and kyogre, and neither of them are in my ROM either. So, I am, unfortunately, forced to use cheat codes in order to acquire these legendaries to catch that final custom made legendary after you get all the legendaries.

What pisses me off the most is that apparently there are plenty of people who have seen all of the legendaries no problem (on youtube and such). But I tried plenty of different ROMS, including the MUGS one, and the pokemon (Articuno, Registeel, and Kyogre), still do not appear...

*Sigh*, if I had known the legendaries were going to be so incredibly glitchy and require a very specific ROM which I can't seem to find, I would have not bothered to have played the hack in the first place. I've already sunk nearly 70 hours into it though, so I guess I might as well finish.

My only question is, which pokemon use Heatran and Cresselia? I need to know so I can use cheats to see them in the wild.

EDIT 2: Apparently that horsea that you find in the forest is supposed to be shiny, but it was a regular old horsea for me...

Seriously DestinJaGold, what was the name of the ROM you used to make the first hack? I know linking is against the rules, but just tell me the name of the rom when you downloaded it, maybe then I can get rid of these aggravating glitches...
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