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Jack Jacobs
Academy Grounds

The obvious confusion on the boy's face proved that the strategy had worked and Jack had the undoubted upperhand with Blaze out of sight. His attempt at defense was to use smog attack to cover the field, Jack could have easily waited it out till the smog cleared but that was the cowards way out. "Hmmm" Jack pondered what to do though, smog couldn't poison Blaze more than he already was so he only had to worry about the damage the charmeleon would receive.

Jack had every and any angle to attack from but none would see him not getting hurt from the smog, so what would they do? Attack where it hurts most "Blaze use Flamethrower from beneath!" Jack shouted confidently. Blaze rose up from underground directly underneath the koffing, charmeleon releases a red-orange stream of fire from its mouth at him from close range.

Jack had his only little hope for a status ailment too, it was a low chance but if flamethrower hit from such a close distance maybe just maybe koffing might get burned. Jack couldn't put all his hopes on that and just hoped the flamethrower was strong enough to leave koffing reeling.
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