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Originally Posted by コナンくん View Post
So, I beat KH3D some time last week or 2 weeks ago, I dont remember which I just beat it. I've been playing KH2FM, and im planning to play KHRe:CoM again as well. But I some how can't play KH1FM, mainly due to the fact I played KH1/FM so many times it lost it taste for me for a while, so it may take a while before me wanting to play it again, but its not like i dislike it, I LOVE IT ALOT, but played it SOOOOO MANY TIMES haha. After I re-beat KH3D on Critical, Imma re-play BBSFM tho. :)

KH3D on Critical kind of scares me. KH3D on Proud kicked my booty alot. Hahah Im sure I will beat it well. :)
Lucky. I don't have either of the Final Mixes. or BbSFM, which makes me incredibly sad, as BbS is my favorite game in the franchise ;____;

So how's KH3D on Critical? I heard that
Young Master Xehanort
was really tough no matter what difficulty you were playing on...
Rewinding time back to the start of the fight? ARE YOU SERIOUS. Does he really do that, or is my information mistaken because I will seriously die a thousand deaths ;____;
I reaaaaaally want to fight
Sora in Ven's armor
because reasons.
VEN IS THE SWEETEST THING EVER HE WAS PROTECTING SORA LIKE SORA PROTECTED HIM D'AWWWWW even though it kind of didn't work because Sora still got possessed by darkness I guess? Low quality cutscenes are the devil.

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