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Quote originally posted by kebbles:
Okay, now firstly..

To be honest the region name (This might just be me) but Core?
It needs to sound more exotic and real, I think I'm just being to picky on that one lol..

I like that your adding new music, its a good feature, but i think u should stick to just using Pokemon music, not Zelda.

I agree with what alot of other people have said about using Mario, Luigi, so on..
They don't belong in Pokemon games, If I wanted to see Mario I would play Super Mario Bro's lol.

I'll be intrested to see how you insert those new moves and how they turn out

Your maps...
I don't need to say a thing as Swiftsign has beat me to it.

Maybe use the D/P garchomp back sprite, as the mouth does look funny and its made like that coz B/W has different frames.

I like that you gave Vulpix/Poliwag there DW abilities, nice idea.
I think the Rivals dragons should be caught, but maybe near the end of the game.

In the screen with speech, it should be like this..
*DR GIRL: I wonder what I'll do today...
(Next Line)That dream last night

The best friend rival looks bad, you choose some messed up colours..
Purple and Yellow, yuk..
Also maybe make a whole new person instead of just editing emeralds sprites?

Sorry, I could keep going but I have to leave lol..

*ON another note, I will make a few maps for you if you would like maybe only one or two, but they will be very good quality? I'm extremely busy with my hack otherwise I would help you more, I think people need to take it easy as I know how hard we all can take criticism sometimes. Pm me and let me know if not then good luck!
Sure, I would appriciate a few maps from you after my mapper and my extra scripter finish editing on the rom. The maps & all the other issues being repeatively mentioned are all My doing. I'm not an expert with most hacking tools. However, I am getting help from ppl who Do know what they're doing better and will expand/revamp the errors I've done. Give it time & all of the problems will be resolved unless I like the idea personally and want it to stay. I respect the criticism, however as I said, I never planed on releasing this hack to everyone on a public website. Me and a few companions of mine do these for fun. I simply said "wth lol" and decided to make a thread. So if there are things a person personally doesn't like and want it to go, I would like that person to Work with me and I'll consider changing it.
BTW it's called Core Region because it's in the Center of the Pokemon Universe. Of course, I forgot to mention that in the story section so that's my fault.