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Originally Posted by kebbles View Post

Haha thats okay, thanks ultimo.
Lol I know what you mean, I'm so busy at the moment, I havn't worked on elements since 2 days ago, I just havn't had any time to myself :) hopefully this weekend I can get alot done! And its okay, I know you will figure it out :) I dont plan on having the new title screen in beta1 so don't stress about it.

Thank you :) I appreciate your post.
Hopefully the release won't be to far away..
(Also I'm gonna check out your hack lol :D)

Yeah they are, but it's meant to be, its not related to the temple, the temple was actually a giratina temple but I changed it. What do you think of the statue besides the pallete?

Every Pokemon in my edited Pokedex will be available, you will need to catch Pokemon to get further in the game, and there will only be 1 or 2 fakemon, and although the Arceus idea is good, it just wouldn't work as the fakemon will be either pre-evolutions or new evolutions for real Pokemon, also Arceus is involved with N so it wouldn't work as I said. And sorry I'm not revealing things like that, it kinda ruins the game, I wouldn't even tell Ultimo the rivals Pokemon, and he is my closest friend on here lol.

Exactly lol.

Nah thats okay bro, thank you for your ideas, keep them coming.
I'm always open to new ideas and storylines, and like I have said before this game is for all of you. (But mainly for my girlfriend :D)

Yeah I did as he was right.
Hmm come to think of it your right, when I can be stuffed I'll change it as its gonna be a pain lol.
lol I actually uploaded it on here then noticed it myself, its not actually an error, I just have to make a new tile for the tree where it crosses over with a bush.
ok thats alot of stress off me :) but as soon as i get time ill start working on it its very confusing and stressing like all hacking can get hahaha!!!

i think the statue is ok but well as qaz the error and the wall background are well... needing fixed the wall background just doesnt seem to fit maybe make its pallete alil darker? (i feel like a retard not seeing the error till qaz mentioned it hahaha)

gotta keep em happy hahaha^^ anyways hopeing you can get more work done soon but personal life is way important mind you;)

Originally Posted by kebbles View Post

Yeah because Tuesday n Thursday are too close, the updates are now on Tuesday and Saturday :)
And sorry midnight, I'll have to send them tomorrow or the next day, I gotta go :(
Also if you need a hand inserting tiles then let me know :)
oh so your good at inserting tiles then Kebbles i was wondering if ya can well teach me how to as im sorta a noob at it? (trying to fnish my own hack)
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