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Quote originally posted by PKMwtfawesomeSAUCE:
My ds is being lame atm.
I'll give it a few and we can try agn.

ok that sounds fine to me

Quote originally posted by Houndoomed:
I just realised we're short a gym leader, whats the go there?

Jango vs Zeus 10 battle Smackdown!

1 I win 2-0
2 I win 5-0
3 I win 3-0
4 I win 1-0
5 I win 1-0
6 I lose 1-0
7 I win 1-0
8 I win 1-0
9 I win 5-0
10 Badge match - I defended my Gym 6-0

Good matches Jango, you know what your doing, but you need stronger pokes IMO, do you Ev train?.

i try to but i swear i'm doing something worng whenever i do try.

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