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Correction: Gary is the anime doppleganger for Blue, like how Ash is the anime doppleganger for Red. Pokemon GSC/HGSS even confirm this when you battle them at Viridian Gym and Mt. Silver Cave. So basically Blue is who you're talking about not Gary otherwise you'd be talking about the anime. Also the reason why there are Burglars in Cinnibar Mansion and Goldenrod Tunnel (place Silver is battled at during Radio Tower takeover) actually do make since. Cinnibar Mansion is a burned down mansion and Burglars are there to steal what's leftover. Because there speciallty is Fire they appear in Cinnibar Gym, even though there are Channelers in Saffron Gym and Jugglers in Fuchsia Gym, but they have their reasons. For Goldenrod it's because the project with the switches was abandoned and they're there to take the leftover loot like with the Cinnibar Mansion. The only time they made no sense was in S.S. Aqua actually. Also does Brightbulb City have an Electric gym since bulb does sound electrical? Also does Eevee still have the ability to speak English like Meowth?
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