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Originally Posted by Sydian View Post
Jobjro, with all your rule enforcing and such, I have to wonder where's YOUR entry? Just curious is all, since
Haha, sure. But I can only vagely remember it, since I did it last year... maybe 2 or 3. Anyway, it was a Charizard only solo-run, and I beat the Elite 4 over and over with it after the game. It usually went like this:

My Charizard knew: Fly, Blast Burn, [Wing Attack], [Flamethrower]. I took out the Ice member by spamming Fly, and an occasional Wing Attack. She was never easy because of the type advantage(s). I may need to use an item or 2 during that battle. From there, I Flamthrowered Bruno, he wasn't TOO hard, usually. Heal up. By now, I'm low on PP somewhat. I would get to Agatha, and maybe use some Blast Burn, as well as some of the others. She was the easiest. Then came Lance... well, by now I'm low on PP. And Fire is "not very effective" against dragon. Usually, I'd manage, but I may use a Struggle or 2 towards the end. Most times, by the time I get to Blue's 2 Pokemon, I struggle away! But with the help of Full Restores and being a level 100, I manage to win. I did it a multiple times, so the adventure slightly varied.


P.S. I'm currently training multiple Pokemon which I plan to (re-)do this challenge with, so I'm not done yet. They just need some training