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Originally Posted by Sakura Rain View Post

btw lightning I'm seriously not trying to stalk you it just so happens that we like a lot of the same stuff and we both write walls of text about VEN i'm so sorry ;___;

-cough- stalker -cough-

All this discussion has made me want to buy a new kingdom hearts game >.> I havent played any but 1 & 2 on the PS2.

What ending did you guys get in KH1? I remember getting an ending where it was a cut scene with Riku possibly looking for Sora iirc which i probably dont. I also got one where that didnt come up??
While on this was there different endings to KH2?? I only finished it once..

Do you guys suggest I pick it up chronological to get the fantastic experience you all seem to be having with it and i keep spoiling myself with because it sounds so fantastic and I loved 1 and 2 sooo much!
Or should I just get a certain one and go with that one?