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Originally Posted by CarefulWetPaint View Post
Oh maybe completing the Pokedex in Gen 3 as well, was pretty proud of myself there.
Ohh, I forgot about this. I remember how impressed with myself I was when I finished the gen 4 pokedex. But at least I had wifi to help. XD; Gen 3 is even more impressive.
If you want I can give you a bunch of ideas so you can get the ball rolling on your own ideas! If you really cant think of any, why not read a book and try and extrapolate it into a video game kind of idea/story line? That could work.
This is true. I guess when it comes to something that would take as long as a game, though, I feel like I'd want the entire thing to be something new and original instead of a spinoff or derivative of someone else's work. But you're probably right. I spend enough time fangirling over other series that making something based off them probably makes way more sense to get started. :P