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The reason that hacked Pokemon aren't allowed is because the Elite Four doesn't have access to Pokemon from other regions and areas. They are designed to battle the Pokemon of that region. Hacking is something the developers put in the games for a reason.
I care because I want everyone to be on equal grounds. People who can hack in Pokemon have an advantage.
It's understandable the people may only have access to emulators. That's one reason why it's allowed (just not preffered). But one doesn't need to have a certain Pokemon to do it with, when that region has another 100 Pokemon available. I prefer for this challenge to be as close to the official games as we can. You don't need a Rayquaza on your FireRed to beat the Elite 4. There are plenty of other, legal, non-hacking options.
I'm really not trying to be strict. As I said earlier, I hate being the bad guy. Honostly, it sucks- for them as well as me. I suppose the developers were strict when they made these games as well, not allowing people access to all Pokemon. But, because of Public request, I'll make changes
I understand that, but as long as a Pokemon isn't hacked in with insane stats, invalid abilities, etc I don't see the need to be that strict on it. I'm not a fan of hacking either, and I have only done one challenge on an emulator, and I've done countless challenges total. But I give emulator players some lee way, as do regular players. I usually allow trading eggs or Pokemon between games, but only at acceptable levels for the current part of the game, and the same applies to emulator players that need to hack something in. Like I said before, this is an end game thing already, so I could understand being more strict if it was a full playthrough, but it's not.

As for your rule change, you didn't really change it much. You just lifted the speed rule slightly, saying it's not recommended. That doesn't really cut it for me.

For now though, I'll allow this to stay. If anyone reading this wants to enter this challenge, just...refrain from using things you can't normally get in your game, I suppose. If I get more complaints about this thread though, or if I see it get derailed, I'll have to lock it. I don't even know why I'm being so generous not locking it now, honestly.

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