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Quote originally posted by Rayquaza.:
No offence but it would look better if you didn't have that grid on it. Otherwise pretty promising.
Ever thought some people don't know the F4 button shows all layers! I think personally it does look bad, but show some respect... He said he was new... I would like to comment on your screenshots though!

Quote originally posted by Rayquaza.:
A few screenshots from my game.

- Smalltownsville (Starting town)
The... Lab is that meant to be... The colours are horrible in comparison to the buildings, it looks somewhat an old building as to the more modern ones.

Quote originally posted by Rayquaza.:
- Smalltownsville Harbour
The boat is small, maybe half the canvas size or double the boat itself, the map however, pretty boring, but nevertheless, you can't hope for much in a habour... I don't recommend using rocks to block the players path to water, I would say a rail/fence would look better.

Quote originally posted by Rayquaza.:
- Route 1
The trees in my opinion should spread into the map! Looks too square for me... Most routes I notice aren't man made!

Quote originally posted by Rayquaza.:
- Mortar Town
This is the oddest town I have ever seen, why does the gym look blurry? Seems you have copied this from a very low res tileset but haven't gone over the tile colours... The cave has steps at the back which don't reach the ground and looks as if a builder has left them on top of the cave accidentally, personally, redesign the cliff tiles, I would and I have, so when using steps at the back, it looks less... Stupid... the mountain or wall or whatever that is at the top looks out of place... If it's suppose to stand tall above the city I suggest making the town 4 tiles higher and adding more trees to show its higher than the trees and so on, the more tiers a mountain or building has, the more tiles up the map should go, in my opinion. (if a mountain has 5 tiers, make the trees go for another 4 rows.) This however is not really a problem, I just think it looks odd... The water has a dodgy shading, like, it's missing a bit, the 2 corners on the bank, I can't really see it properly but it looks wrong.
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