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Quote originally posted by Ultimo1991:
i can edit them its just a pain and im such a failure at it so i end up giving up...
Yeah the new advance map doesn't let me select colours so I just use the old advance map for tile inserting, I'm happy doing it this way.
Anyway, I will insert tiles for you, If you start up a hack I will insert the tiles for you?

Quote originally posted by NO_obslayer:
are you going to add new trainer sprites or keep the original ones?

if you are going to add new trainer sprites could you use my ones that i gave to Darkrisinggirl
Im adding new Trainers, I've already changed the hero's.
I seen your overworld sheet with the HG/SS hero and heroin, there very nice but I have no need for them, do you have any others? I'm always open to new resources.

Quote originally posted by MidnightShine:
Hey Kebbles, waiting for the update. Also, not to be rude but, where are my tiles? >_< Ehehehe......
Yeah sorry no update for today, I've been scripting and theres not much I can really show you guys unless I upload a video, I'm in the process of fixing all the errors so by Tuesday I can upload 2 videos. They will be very nice too.
And midnight, please be patiant I'm very busy...

I'm in desperate need for a nice N overworld before tuesday, so if someone could send me one or find one that would be awesome and I'd owe you one. I don't wanna use destinjagolds N overworld as its kinda odd looking lol..
Pokémon Ice Version

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