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Quote originally posted by Lightning:
Uh-huh. ;_; They said so in the KH3D Ultimania interview. Worst part is they said they have the story all there and everything, they just... aren't doing it?? So I guess it'll be tossed in as random cutscenes through KH3 or something instead, I dunno. I am disappointed.

Thank you~ xD; I imagine they'd just make up rules as they went along when Ven wouldn't remember something, to the CB they play is probably waaaay different from the one we play in BBS.
Gaaaah I'm still getting mental images of Flustered!Ven and it is killing my heart KILLING IT I SAY -dies-

I think Vanitas's darkness is so massive because the abuse MX put Ven through before he split them. :( I haven't played Ven's story as much as the others but while he was "training", wasn't he pretty much mauled by Neoshadows at some point? I imagine all his training was like that and it would probably be really hard to not turn to the darkness with MX yelling at you to do it the whole time. So after the split, the natural darkness he had plus whatever had accumulated during the training, plus any darkness that might creep in from MX when he split them was probably more than enough to make Vanitas (who probably got further training in the dark arts from then on [I shouldn't have used the phrase "dark arts", now I'm considering harry potter AUs augh]). I might be all wrong if I have any of the initial details wrong though, which is possible. xD;
How dare you yell at Ven, MX I will break your nose and arms and ribs and whatever else occurs to me. And yeah, he wouldn't fight the Neoshadows and they all jumped on him and knocked him out and this is when the cutscene we discussed earlier takes place (Creation of Vanitas, blank-eyes Ven) and ICK OLD MAN DARKNESS SDLFKSDFJL. and now I'm sort of wondering if Vanitas is going to be one of the new Nortys, asdfjkl. I don't see how this could happen unless Vanitas is somehow separated from Ven, though.ohgod you shouldn't have DON'T MIX THE TWO TOGETHER IT ONLY COMPLICATES MATTERS

He was horrible to Namine. I mean, she gets out of Marluxia's grasp and you think "oh, everything's going to be okay now" and then DiZ is just as bad. ;_; She's doing her best to fix Sora and he's bossing her around, telling her how much she doesn't matter, and telling her to go faster. I mean, I'm kind of a hypocrite because Marluxia's my favourite so I never had a problem with his abuse (well, not that I didn't have a problem, I just... like it as part of his character I DON'T KNOW) but at least she had someone to save her there. ;~; But there, Namine and Riku both knew that they needed DiZ's protection while they fixed Sora or the Organization would probably cause problems so there was nothing they could do and alkdjs. Poor Namine. I didn't like her as much in KH2 because she became so all-knowing which was kind of annoying (since she also never tells anyone anything 8|) and I hated that they tried to make everyone ship Roxas/Namine for pretty much no reason at all (I still don't understand it). On the whole, I really like her though. I like pretty much everyone. Except Riku. Although even that changed sliiightly after 3D.
Ohgod he was. I was going "CHILD ABUSE! CHILD ABUSE! CALL CHILDREN'S SERVICES PLEASE" but yeah. Marluxia sort of did the same thing but he's a bad guy I guess it is part of his character to be sadistic and mean and yeah so it's amazing that someone who is apparently a "good guy" would treat someone like that. jesus. Diz I am disappoint.
and wasn't Data-Namine all-knowing as well? Like she knew about Xion and the BbS trio, didn't she? I like Riku, except in KHI, for obvious reasons. He's angsty in CoM/Days all the way up to the end of KHII but I think he really improved in Dream Drop Distance so I was proud of him okay

Oh man, I kind of feel like KH3D is practically just one big Riku/Sora fanfic. Which sucks because I've never shipped them. XD; As soon as Riku wakes up at the end after saving Sora, Sora tackle-hugs him and pretty much doesn't let go until Yen Sid calls them over to announce the results of the Mastery exam. 8| Then the sheer trust between them in pretty much every scene where they have to talk/think about one another... yeah. It's gonna make a loooooot of fangirls happy.

You're right though, Lea's always been a creeper. xD; It shouldn't have surprised me.
I often call both KH3D and Re:coded "Soriku: The Game". Because they both really are lol. And that hug that hug I was loling so hard and then there was the part where Riku was trying to wake Sora up and he grabbed his hand and Sora heard Riku in his dream and I was like "I CAN HEAR THE CRIES OF THE FANGIRLS" and I sort of started shipping them after KH3D please don't judge me I COULDN'T HELP IT XD;

Yep, creeper is Lea's default state of being XD

I am thinking that this fanfic needs to be linked to me asap. :( It's funny, 'cause the first few times I'd come across all the Ven/Namine fanart on Tumblr, my roommate and I were just like "WTF". Then a few days later I got that image of her talking to him in C.O. or whatever and my roommate was so ashamed of me when I had to admit that I shipped it. XD; I mean, not that he was surprised because I ship everything but I usually have a reason slightly better than "I imagined them in the same room." Usually.
Here you go, dear~ I really really like it, it's fluffy and it makes my heart go doki doki so it's legit XD and now I'm off to Tumblr to FIND ALL THE VEN/NAMI FANART WHEEEEE~ don't worry hun I ship everything too as of KH3D lol

Also true!

Maaan I suck at action images but that is one of the things I wanted to draw. n_n Honestly, the Armour fight was kind of a let down because it was super easy. (Sora sucks at fighting backhand, I guess. XD) I think it took me two tries whereas YMX took like 15. I liked the YMX one more since I fought MF sooo many times in BBS and got so familiar with the music T because Terra SUCKS at dodging so I probably spent like 6 hours listening to that BGM trying to beat him with Terra and hearing that remixed, finding out who MF was, and fighting a harder version of him was exhilarating and few things have matched that feeling for me in the KH series.

Plus, as I said, the whole time I was fighting the Armour I was just pissed off because it felt so tacked-on and I knew they were gonna have to give me one damn good reason Ven had turned evil in Sora's heart. But it wasn't a bad fight at all. He definitely uses Ven's attacks and while I never used Ven a whole lot in BBS compared to the others (Terra I had to use more because he sucks and I did completion on Normal for him, so I had to play through again and Aqua's my favourite so I have like a million files for her 8D), I still recognized his attacks instantly. So it was really cool fighting him like that. It felt a lot like the end of Terra's story in BBS after MX takes over his body and you fight him as Terra's Armour. It felt more like fighting Terra than MX because he was using Terra's fighting style, shot locks, command finishers, etc. That's kind of what this is like. (So now I'm just waiting for a dark!Aqua fight somehow. Although the premise of that sounds really depressing, like she finally gave into the darkness or something, so now maybe I don't want it. XD)

Oh, and I'm pretty sure Ven'sArmor!Sora used shotlocks too. :D That was pretty exciting, I'm not gonna lie.
Well, considering my INTENSE HATRED for anything Xehanort-related and my love and feels for Ven, I would probably like Ven'sArmor!Sora more, entirely because it's Ven's armor XD. On the other hand, though, DAT DARK IMPETUS REMIX. WORDS CANNOT EXPRESS MY LOVE FOR THOSE STRINGS asdfjkl. and I suppose they didn't want to put two tough bosses right in a row, so they toned down Ven'sArmor!Sora a bit (lol poor Sora doesn't know how to fight backhand XD) So since Ven is obviously my favorite and I have over 9000 files for him, I will definitely recognize his attacks? Because as I've previously mentioned, low quality cutscenes are the devil and I really couldn't see what he was doing D8 NOOOOOOO AQUA WILL NEVER GIVE IN TO DARKNESS. Maybe a possessed!Aqua fight? Aquanort? XEHANORTTTTTTTTT D:<

Well, I still can't fault you there. People have asked me why I don't just sell my copy of Re:Coded if I hate it so much--since I could've gotten a decent price for it back when it first came out--and I looked at them like they were insane. Have an incomplete KH collection? Are they crazy? (I am now coming to the realization though that if I don't buy 3DS in English--despite not even having an English 3DS--I won't own all the games in English. x_o DILEMMA. Maybe I should buy it and play it on my roommate's 3DS when he's done with the game.)
Yesssss this is entirely me. MUST HAVE COMPLETE COLLECTION. (...I am going to assume getting an english 3DS is out of the question? in that case yeah I would just borrow it from someone else. Butbut then you won't own it for yourself and asdfjkl THAT CAN'T HAPPEN DX)

Also the ending of BBS is mostly spoilt by its trailer, so that can't be much of a complaint. (I mean, we don't get details but just from the trailer and the fact that it's a prequel and we've never seen the characters before kind of confirmed that nothing good came of the ending. ;~;)
BbS was one gigantic cry/rage/bawl-fest. This is the complete and undeniable truth. ;__________________;

The Dearly Beloveds get steadily better until BBS. KH1's is very simple, COM adds a few more notes in, KH2 improves it again, Re:COM was another improvement, and then I thought nothing could top Days' version and then BBS was like "OH YEAH? HAVE SOME VIOLINS" and I died. ;~; I love it so, so much. So I was really excited for Re:Coded's version of it expecting the trend to continue and it was just like "nope, have a boring one". O-oh. Okay. But 3DS's is probably my second favourite just because it's something new and it's still very pretty.
I think Re:coded's is supposed to resemble KHI's. For some reason. Even though it's set long after KHI. It just reminded me of KHI's okay ;_; and yeah the BbS version and Days version and 3D version are all the best but BbS is the super best asdfjkl

It's hard for me to pick a favourite boss fight music from 3D. I like all of them so much. ;~;
Xemnas's new one is great, even Ansem's brings something new to the theme which has been in like every KH since the first one. xD; YMX's is probably my favourite if I had to pick one but I also really love Armor!Sora's because of all the themes it ties into the Dive to Heart music.
Xemnas' is fantastic, and the boss music from the Tron:Legacy world is spectacular but all of them need moar Ven's Theme or at least Ven'sArmor!Sora does because I mean come on humor the Ven fangirl just a bit please ;_;

Whoa I missed a lot after leaving for four days, hahaha. You guys make this FC really bustling.
most of mine and Lightning's posts are Ven fangirling, pay us no mind dear XD

Goodness, I just watched that scene Sakura described now and I just wanted to get Sora out of there, gah. And the ending was really awkward but funny all the same. I wish they gave Kairi more of a role in the game, though! D: But yeah, in the ending Sora was still really happy-go-lucky which was odd, but I loved how he appeared when he looked into the distance as he set-off on his own, like he was all grown up like never before or something. And whoa, I just realized how creepy Lea was in that scene.
ohgod i know right? YMX is every bit as creepy as MX, kljfslkfj. I was hoping Riku or Mickey would come swooping in out of nowhere to save the day but no. YMX just goes "Goodnight, Sora." And I was like LKSDJ:FSDLFJSDLKGHSDLKFJSDLK XEHANORTTTTTTTTTTT and I think the secret ending had Kairi in it she apparently is going to be training to use the keyblade under Master Yen Sid! apparently. who knows if nomura will go through with it, lol. I REPEAT: Creeper!Lea is the only Lea. XD

Watch KH3D Final Mix come out next year XD
I would lol forever


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