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Well, ASH is all fixed up and ready.

BTW, does Anyone know how to recreate the double battle in G/S/C when the player & Lance team up in a double battle? I could really use a script event like that. If anyone knows how & willing to help, Pls PM me. I have a Really cool idea with the player & your friend rival in a double battle against Tornadus/Thunderus.
Also, I forgot to address the Giratina in Gym issue.


Yami Yugi is the 7th gym leader, yes. However, he does Not have Giratina at first. As I've said, all of the legendary Pokemon are being mind-controlled by the force the voice in the dream spoke of & you have to stop most of them. When you reach the town the 7th gym is located at, by talking to ppl you'll realize no one ever sees the gym leader as he is rumored to stay confined and wll appear Only if the shadows threaten the world. Before you can enter the 7th gym, you must find Yugi inside a cave. There, you'll see Giratina has defeated Yugi. The player steps up and battles it. After you defeat Giratina, Yugi captures it with a Masterball(Yes I know what you're thinking... "Why couldn't he just throw the darn thing when he first saw Giratina?!") and decides to return to the gym to have a battle with you. He decides to use the Giratina against you(Not gonna get into why.). This is the Only gym leader with a legendary & I hope this clears things up for some ppl's dislikes.