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Although it's a great episode for Tepig to evolve in, it would seem too predictable too. I don't know but Chimchar faced Paul's team repeatedly before it really evolved but things seem to be going really fast so I wouldn't be surprised if he evolved in this episode.

I doubt it'll be the last we'll see of this trainer either. They could be setting up a new rival for Ash. Something similar to the role Paul played.

Also, I have yet to see the episode so all this could be irrelevant and wrong lmao

EDIT: I just watched the episode and it was bloody fantastic. The flashbacks were amazing and the best part of the episode was the unexpected evolutions because I was expecting it to be during a move with the rival team. I thought the relationship between Snivy and Tepig/Pignite was great. It showed friendship in Pokemon which I loved.
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