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Oh, this is my first time posting here. Hmm, let's see my newest entries.

4/5/12: Restarted the game. Named myself 'Aura' for some reason. Chose Snivy, totally good idea. Saved at Accumula, if that's the spelling, till the next day.

Yesterday: Got to Striaton City, beat Cilli, completed Fennel's requets, got back little girl's Pokemon from those Team Plasma jerks. I wonder why those idiots joined Team Plasma anyways knowing that they will be caught one day......

Today: Caught a Sawk for my team. Raised my Panpour to Lv.17. That took care of Lenora's Herdier, heck. I let my Servine & Sawk share EXP from Lenora's Watchog. That Pokemon gives me the creeps.

Future sneak-peek: Wanna nick my Pokemon to their Japanese names in Japanese characters once I reach Castelia City. After that, battle Bourgh.