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In the Wandering Thread:
Originally Posted by Lateon
I've been attempting to RNG for the past six hours >.< I'm sure I should get it in the next two... right?

Though three of those were spent trying to find and breed syncronizers when I should have just downloaded them from pokecheck to make life easier.
Originally Posted by Sydian
Hello all! Learning to RNG over here. I have a DSI and am trying to RNG on my Pokemon Black (english version).

For my first attempt, I'm trying to get a Modest shiny Deino with 31 IVS in HP, SpAtk and Spd. I tried for all 31 in all slots but couldn't find any results. Here's some screenshots:


I followed TwilightBlade's directions in the help thread, and this is what I came up with. Any suggestions? Am I doing it right so far? Obviously you can't see the DS part of it, but that's the RNG reporter's findings. is there a way to expand the search so I can find one with all 31 IV's? I narrowed it down to encounter slots 3, 7, 9, and 11 because that's where Deino appears, but I'm not sure what other ones to look at. What would happen if I set max frames (in the time finder) higher? What exactly does that do?

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