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Originally Posted by destinedjagold View Post

Here's a little story about Aquadine, Garudine and Clauseed...
When I was still hacking Rescue Rangers, I asked help from a spriter for some cool elemental POKéMON.
He sent me Aquadine, Garudine and Clauseed, and made me believe that he made it.
A few months flew by and someone PM'ed me, stating that he was the original spriter of those three and demanded to remove them from the game (he also provided proof that it really belonged to him), but since I couldn't remove them in the game 'cause they were already introduced, he gave me his permission to have them in Rescue Rangers only.

And about Spyre, he's an original sprite from my other spriter, but it just doesn't feel right to only have him in LoG while the other three are absent, so, the four are gone.

And that is why they are not in Life of Guardians.
The end.
Interesting story DJG o.O
I had no idea o.O

Originally Posted by Monolito View Post
Destine, I meant all the pokemon in Hevah Dex. For the time being you can't catch all the elemental monkeys, Giratina and Rayquaza seem to be exclusive - you can't get one if you take the other,right?
Giratina and Shaymin.
But that is storyline event. What purpouse would be to bring life to the darkness?

Originally Posted by U_Flame View Post
Whoa, I actually beat Richard. That was a ***** and a half! Brilliant challenge! (I was able to do this event before beating the League. Is that normal?)
Yeah, why not? :D
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