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Kingdoms At War: The Dark Ages

In the Kingdom of Rosadia, there lives a King ruling his land. He is very kind & watches over his Kingdom. But, in the town of Rosadia & the outskirts, he doesn't know of the dangers that always occur.

Thieves always come & take from the poor. There are always fights occuring. Monsters roam the outskirts secretly waiting for their next meal (the humans). It is a treacherous world out there, but the King only cares about his kingdom. If only he knew.

New kingdoms are being built that the king doesn't know about. Some have joined into a group with the Kingdom of Rosadia. Others have joined against the opposing Kingdoms. The leader, who they call Tabuu, rules the enemy kingdoms, & plans on expanding his land, the Kingdom of Kuro, showing no mercy. The King wants to prevent this, building defenses around his land. It is no use, however, as Tabuu's army has breached through.

In drastic times, a hero emerges & wipes out the entire army. Tabuu & the hero brawl it out. In the end, Tabuu manages to escape, taking refuge in an unknown dungeon. The King congratulates the hero & asks for his name. Simply, he said he didn't need to know & walked away.

The King, with the help of everyone, manage to rebuild their kingdom for anew. The kingdoms that were on Tabuu's side, they continue to attack the lands & expand their kingdom. Luckily the King's army, with help from other kingdoms, keeps them from doing so. It is unknown where Tabuu is.

Five years have gone by, & the kingdom of good & bad continue to battle. There is rumor that Tabuu may return, more powerful than before. The King plans to recruit new members to help against this never ending war. New recruits will train & complete missions for their help, & further accomplish the Kingdom of Rosadia's goal of ending this war.

If you choose to side with the Kingdom of Rosadia, you are a normal boy/girl wanting to sign up as a new recruit. You will get to decide which job you want to take, then you will be trained for that certain job. You may feel free to take a mission anytime you want, or you can roam around & do whatever, even go to dungeons & neighboring kingdoms. Beware! Monsters still lurk around & can attack without warning when you're out of town.

If you choose to side with the Kingdom of Kuro, you are a common boy/girl ready to serve for your leader. You go to recruit yourself for a certain job & get your weapon & armor right away. Training is on your own as you will be under the command of a Lieutenant named Surge. You're free to roam around also, but beware of monsters.

Whichever side you choose, it's your path & your destiny.

Warrior-Specializing in combat, the Warrior has high attack & defense and can wield any weapon.

Ninja-Very agile & light, the Ninja has high evasion & can weild small, but sharp weapons. However, they can't wear heavy armor & swords.

Archer-Archers are essential for long-range combat. They can shoot arrows with better accuracy depending on the bow they weild.

Machinist-Unique people that can weild various devices, tinker & build armor. They can build their own armor & make any weapon possible.

Black Mage-Although ill-suited for weilding weapons, Black Mages easily bend destructive black magic spells to their will.

White Mage-Although physically weak, the White Mage can choose from a broad array of healing & defensive magic spells.

Green Mage-The green mage lends support on the battlefield, shielding allies & crippling foes.

Geomancer-The Geomancer have good defense & can adapt to the terrain of the area to his/her will.

Bard-The Bard can weild a harp & sing in battle to either buff up their party, or decrease the enemy's energy (stats).

Beastmaster-Wear clothing similar to any animal, the Beastmaster can catch & control any animal they want, & can set them free if they feel like it. Are known to weild weapons such as a whip.

1. No bunnying or godmodding without permission.

2. No one-liners please.

3. Romance is allowed, but only up to french kissing, nothing past that.

4. Not too much blood & no gore.

5. Please be nice to other RPers. If you have a problem, please VM/PM me.

6. Character limit is two.

7. If you have any questions, preferably about the jobs, don't hesitate to ask.

8. All PC rules apply.

9. To prove you've read the rules, put "Kid Icarus" anywhere in your SU.

10. Remember to have fun.

Name: First, Middle (optional), Last

Age: 14-18

Gender: Male or Female

Job: Choose just one

Side: Rosadia or Kuro

Appearance: Picture allowed

Personality: One paragraph

History: Two paragraphs

Spots/Accepted Characters:
Rosadia Recruits
1. ShinyDiamond - Roxas Cloud Uzumaki [Machinist]
2. WestsideConnection - Remidius Algor [Warrior]
3. PinkSapphire - Sakura Miyuki Kimura [White Mage]
4. ~Genevieve~ - Shade Akuma [Black Mage]
5. MasterLink742 - Link Glais
6. miley810 - Anabell Christine Royals

Kuro Recruits
1. Charzeon - Sara Willow Goodman [Beastmaster]
2. RealMrFaceMan - Nox Paladin [Black Mage]
3. miley810 - Hailey June Destiny

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