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Favourite member of the Simpson family and why?
Homer Jay Simpson. Specifically the Homer of the seasons before season ten. Once Mike Scully became showrunner, not only did the show itself become more zanny but Homer's character changed from that of a lovable oaf who cared for his family... a kind of typical sitcom dad, into just a plain fat idiot. Sure, he was always lazy, but in the later seasons he became a caricature. He lost the devotion he had to his family that I admired. And he became mean-spirited too. The pinnacle of this was the dreadful Simpsons movie, which epitomized everything I hated about the show post-season nine.

Favourite episode of the show and why?
I think Marge vs the Monorail. This episode has it all... starts with a great Flintstone throwback, has one of the more memorable musical numbers in the series, a Phil Hartman character. A very quotable episode too.

My first encounter with the show were some of the Treehouse of Horror episodes as a kid. That was a jumping off point and then I started watching the show regularly. I still would until a few years ago when the local channels started airing reruns of newer episodes instead of the old ones.