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Originally Posted by PkMnTrainer Yellow View Post
Speaking of BW2, I'm having fun comparing the plot of BW2 to the plot of Pokemon Fallout. If you pay attention to the trailers, you'll notice a picture of the world map with a significant portion of Unova literally covered with ice. Apocalyptic setting indeed! It's a very different type of apocalypse if that's indeed what they're going for though. It brings to mind Platinum version, only possibly much more extreme.
In Fallout, the apocalyptic events are the Virus and Arceus recalling all pokémon, right?

I actually think the ice on the BW2 map isn't going to be there when the game is released. If you look closely, you see new areas hidden under the ice that weren't there in BW. The ice is only on the map to hide some new areas until release :3

I generally don't prefer apocalyptic settings in RPs. Makes me feel depressed xD

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