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Originally Posted by chaos11011 View Post
This seems like a fun challenge and all, but shouldn't there be a Level Cap? As anyone can go blazing through the Elite Four with a Level 100.

In my honest opinion, Pokemon that are higher than the Champion's strongest Pokemon can not enter the challenge. That way, this can still be pretty difficult.

Either way, I guess I'll do this on Black. I'm not sure which to use though, I'll probably end up using a plethora of Pokemon (one at a time).

Do we have to post videos or is a log fine?
That's the thing. So if someone completes it with a level 100 Raticate, you can rty to do it with a level 93. Or 87. Or however low you can go. That's part of the challenge.
But if it's that easy, go on; beat it with a level 100 Shedinja. Some Pokemon can do it easier than others.

Originally Posted by myrrhman View Post
Is there a level cap for the solo challenge? No, and this is essentially a harder version of the end of the solo challenge because you can't switch to revive. Also, its not supposed to be hard in the sense of 'no pokemon can have an easy time beating the elite four by itself' its supposed to be hard in the sense of 'not all pokemon can beat the elite four by itself easily'. Such as Pidgey, Magikarp, etc.

Edit: Jobrjo, I looked at the front page and my Snorlax was level 75-77 for this challenge. And my name was BLACK.
Yes, this as well. Thanks
P.S. Got ya. And later today when I can I'll re-watch The Opera Ghost's and enter his as well.