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Originally Posted by PkMnTrainer Yellow View Post
Are there any people or posts you just feel you have to facepalm (or, Heaven forbid, face-wall/desk/couch/other inanimate and blunt object) at? In terms of being a GM, what about sign-up sheets?

...This question doesn't really allow for any discussion, don't you think? o_o Can I like, rephrase this?

How about this: What are your pet peeves in RPing? Are there any character qualities that drive you crazy?

It's essentially the same question, only it doesn't target RPers. ;o
Though the people who use said character qualities will likely feel as targeted as in the other question. I was mostly just asking for a general yes/no consensus, I wasn't worrying so much on talking about experiences.

And I could've sworn I've asked the pet peeves question before.

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