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Wow, I actually beat the end. The Timeline end. Amazing...Brilliant. I do have some questions.

Why do the Dragon Gods belong to me when they're supposed to have died? Has Patty/Might always been Zah? Is there a reward for beating the eight flashbacks in the Tower of Fate? Kirby39 says Chaomega becomes available when you have the Dragon Gods with you. What other requirement is required? Are there any other obtainable Legendaries not on Kirby39's list? Are there any remaining story events? (Besides sidequests.)

Also, since berries disappear after a certain point, I think there should be someone selling them.
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Originally Posted by drarixio View Post
Unbeatable Flame would make a pokemon trainer run outta breath in the anime:
Unbeatable Flame, Flamethrower.
Unbeatable Flame, Sky Uppercut.
Unbeatable Flame, this.
Unbeatable Flame, that.
Un*pant*beatable---Flame, hooollaaa
Un-un-un-un--bea-bee....*Pokemon trainer fainted*